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Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush ( has been well-known and respected among guitarists, musicians and fans alike, for a very long time. He has also been known as an innovator, particularly with respect to electric guitar, sounds and electronics. He has made many highly successful and critically-acclaimed albums, and has influenced the careers of a good many popular guitarists. In 1993 he had decided to go into a semi-retirement from the active music touring-scene, but continued to record. By the late 1990s, however, he returned to the touring-scene on a limited yearly schedule, and his records were very well-received by his many fans worldwide. He maintains this status today. ChordBender's founder loved what he heard, so he and Frank got together to see what a real talent could make from bent chords. It was magic right away.

Frank has said the following, with respect to the ChordBender:

"If you want to take the whammy to a different level and use it as a musical instrument, then this has it's rightful place among the arsenal of tools that the modern guitarist has today."

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