Install ChordBender on Your Guitar

ChordBender can be installed on many guitars. Call ahead to discuss if not very similar to a Strat, Tele, or SG. 440-951-6468

Our experts can install ChordBender onto your guitar for $649.00 (plus tax, if in Ohio). The process involves the following parts and labor:

whammy bar
  • Whammy & installation
  • Arm Lock Post, Spring Adjuster, Setup
  • Re-lube the nut (Dri-Slide)
  • Align Pickguard
  • New .009 Pure Nickel Fender Bullet strings installed
  • You ship your guitar to us with check or money order made out to ChordBender, please insure
  • Expect a really nice job but know that minor imperfections are possible due to routering etc. We are liable only up to amount you paid us. Sending expensive or favorite guitars entails some risk AND A LOT OF REWARD!.

Ship To:
ChordBender, Inc.
2635 River Road
Willoughby Hills, Ohio 44094
(Note: Outside US will require return postage.)

ChordBender Installed on a Similiar Guitar

ChordBender whammy bar

ChordBender Close-up (click to enlarge, no longer under Patent)

whammy bar closeup

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