ChordBender Features

Better Bending Accuracy

New whammy accurately bends (or even morphs) chords exactly a half step, or more dramatically if the half-step stop is disengaged. Arm fully adjustable & easier; locks for fast retuning & stays in-tune. Plays more distinctively & artistically. Insanely inspiring & addictive!

Accurately bends chords for new musical ideas and slicker chord progressions. Traditional whammies do not adjust for the fact that some strings change pitch 4 times as rapidly as others so even lightly whammied chords sound badly damaged with them. Vibrato on chords with the ChordBender sound much better than with old-style "surf music" whammies. The whammy was designed in Ohio using the laws of physics so it could be readily 1) set at the factory, 2) reset for different sizes of strings, 3) reset for nonstandard tunings, and 4) to be able to Morph chords. Use any tuning you want (it loves all the alternative tunings & funky chords you can dream up). Morphing: any string can be reset to give half or double the pitch change so you can do a beautiful slide-like chord progression morphing from A minor to G major (if the string with the flatted third in the minor is set to change pitch at half the rate). It does not need adjustment as strings age.

New "Half-Step Stop"

You can automatically limit the bending of chords or individual notes down exactly one (or two) half-steps using the built-in "half-step stop" or flip off to make more dramatic bends. Accurately prebending strings is a problem for even the best professional guitarist. Now you can play a note and consistently and confidently "release" it exactly a half-step with the whammy so you are guaranteed the sound of perfect prebends.

New Adjustable Arm

The arm stops up close to the strings (and the stopping point is adjustable by petite gals and burly guys) to give you the right "anchor" to picking, etc. - or remove the stop & you can "swing free" over the strings. The Arm's height can also be changed by changing the height of the Arm's locking post so it's where you want it when you reach for it. Arm is not "droopy" and stays where you put it.

Easiest Tuning / Locking

Tuning is a frustrating job with many whammies. Ours can instantly act like a guitar without a whammy just by swinging the arm out of the way & into the locking post. This makes it much easier to tune (since other strings do not change pitch this way as they do with some popular whammies). The knob next to the tailpiece can be used to adjust spring's tension when you have switched to a nonstandard tuning.

Bend Chords Down Or Up

Many whammies only bend down.

Smooth, EASY (Females Note), Responsive!

Whammies have traditionally been stiff and required strength and effort. No more! When was the last time you saw a FEMALE guitarist working the whammy on an Surf-style guitar? The ChordBender whammy can be easily operated with just a little finger since it requires about A QUARTER of the force needed to operate a typical Surf-type guitar. Some are more expensive - and beyond the abilities of the typical musician to set up and maintain.


You will notice that an extra level of creamy smooth sound is available since "micro metallic grinding" has been eliminated from the string path. Strings glide over roller saddles rotating on axles lubed with Dri Slide, Teflon (over the cams in the whammy), and a slippery Nut lubed with Dri Slide (not greasy). Strings are not abruptly bent at any point. The smarter angled headstock eliminates string trees (and their friction). All this results in a guitar that stays in tune after bending notes by whammy or finger, gives smooth and easy operation, and greatly increases string & whammy life/reliability. The whammy's low-friction needle bearings were spin-cleaned using solvents to remove the factory grease and re-lubricated. We use a light synthetic oil (available here) much like the sewing machine oil favored by John Cipollina (a whammy god) but with much higher wear resistance. Some other whammies use knife-edge pivots (instead of bearings) & they can wear out fairly quickly; their knife-edges often curl before they wear out.

Lighter Whammy

The ChordBender is a made from a heat-treated alloy that retains a resonant quality.

Better Pickup Alignment

People have gotten confused & even angry wondering about how single-coil pickups are aligned with the strings. When we look at guitars displayed in stores it is easy to see why since they are not set consistently. Here is ChordBender's objective (see Photo Gallery for example): the bridge pickup naturally emphasizes the highest notes so all strings are centered on their pickup posts, the middle pickup is used to emphasize the middle notes so the middle strings are essentially centered on their pickup posts and the other strings are progressively off-center to de-emphasize the higher & lower notes, and the neck pickup is used to emphasize the lowest notes so the low-pitched E string is centered on its pickup post and the other strings are progressively off-center to de-emphasize them. That's genius! A 2009 review of a similar looking guitar selling for over $10,000 raved about the sound of the neck pickup and it was the only one aligned per our specs!

Keep It Together!

Most whammy bars have to be removed before the guitar goes into its case but the ChordBender's stays on.

Strings Easily Replaced

Just push bullet end through the circular hole at the end of the string path, slide into slot, and complete as usual. There is a "bullet vent" at the back of the guitar to eject old bullet ends (if a string breaks).

Guitar Specs

Award-Winning Samick Malibu designed by Greg Bennett customized by ChordBender with an Alder (wood) body, angled headstock (which eliminates string trees and enhances attack & sustain & tuning stability), really nice Grover tuners, 25.5" Scale Length, 12" fretboard radius , 1 & 11/16" Nut Width, slightly reduced body size, deeper neck pocket for superior neck-to-body contact, recessed back plate, 3 single-coil pickups. Choose a black or cobalt blue body (with matching ChordBender hardware). All the whammy parts were designed, manufactured, and finished in the USA (from California to the Midwest). ChordBender, Inc. (the company that developed the whammy) then assembled and set up the guitars in Ohio.

1/3-Ounce Of A Light Synthetic Oil

Much like the sewing machine oil favored by John Cipollina (a whammy god) but with much higher wear resistance. Grease and heavier oils in whammy bearings cause too much friction and that noticeably keeps those whammies from staying in tune. If you do not have a ChordBender we recommend using a grease solvent and spinning your whammy axle until the bearings are free of the old goop first! That might take some time but it is important. ChordBender removed the "factory lube" from its bearings and then lubricated them with the lighter synthetic oil.

Try It Risk-Free For 30 Days

Most new players get the hang of ChordBending in a few days & go on a creative blitz. A ChordBender player will be available @ 440/951-6468 if you want us to provide some extra discussion of features and operation and answer questions. If this purchase just doesn't work out for you (for any reason) you may return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund, reduced if there are damages. You will want to avoid scratches from belt buckles etc. You will pay the one-way postage. You should insure the shipment too (OK there is the risk of paying postage etc.). It's hassle-free; there is no need to call ahead for "return instructions."

Buy ChordBender, Risk-Free!

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