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Just like a painter given a new palette only to discover that it has beautiful colors never seen before - that is what the ChordBender whammy is like for the creative guitarist. It provides beautiful new bent-chord sounds never heard before. Make your guitar playing more musical with a ChordBender .

The bent chords add lots of new spice and open up a whole new genre in music. Check out the sweet bent chords in "Mother's Day." "Barrio Street Lights" demonstrates how the ˝-step stop can be used on single notes to mimic those perfect prebends (notes bent up a half step before being plucked and then released to decrease the pitch) we used to wish we could do every time - and now can. There are rhapsodic bent chords in "Lost My Ladylove", crunchy bent chords in "Bump #9", shimmering vibrato in "The Concealed", and "Hippy Chick Samba" sounds like its name. Click "Home" to the left for more information.

Blindside Blues Band

Hippy Chick Samba

Lost My Ladylove


Barrio Street Lights

Mothers Day

Bump #9

"ChordBendered" tuneage submitted by a new owner

"Victim to the Night" by Alex and Freedom (Michigan, July 2009, guitarist & singer "energized & inspired" immediately by new ChordBender. New guitar skills, music, lyrics, & production came together within about 2 weeks. Bravo! There's fresh tuneage on YouTube using ChordBenders. Search there for “ChordBender.” If you add to YouTube's ChordBending please use the word “ChordBender” in your tags.)

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